The Betrayed Girls
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The Betrayed Girls
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In May 2012, the revelation that nine Asian men from Rochdale were guilty of the grooming, rape and sex trafficking of teenage white girls shocked the nation.

But the police and social services had known about the abusers for years, and the abuse went far beyond the Greater Manchester town. From Rotherham to Keighley, it was happening across cities and towns in the north and beyond. Featuring the harrowing testimony of the victims and the shocking testimony of the few who were prepared to speak out, this film reveals how it wasn’t just the professionals whose job it was to protect the girls who ignored their plight.

This was a story where the media, politicians and the Muslim community also all chose to look the other way.



This documentary from Henry Singer… is harrowing and important.

— The Daily Telegraph

Haunting documentary… almost too painful to watch…

— The Daily Mail

A superb… brilliant, horrifying documentary

— The Guardian

… an utterly compelling if deeply disturbing 90 minutes

— The Mail on Sunday

Harrowing retelling of the Rochdale grooming scandal… carefully and painstakingly told…

— The Observer

A blistering feature-length documentary, The Betrayed Girls, tells the story behind the headlines…

— The Independent

Henry Singer’s masterful account of the Rochdale grooming scandal…

— The Observer

A brilliant but gruelling feature-length documentary about the Rochdale abuse scandal… authoritative and righteously angry, with the power of a gut-punch.

— The Daily Telegraph